Weekly Word… 5.20.19 Matthew 24:45-47

“Are you a wise and faithful servant of the Lord?  Have I given you the task of managing my household, to feed my children day by day?  Blessings on you if I return and find you faithfully doing your work.  I will put such faithful ones in charge of everything I own!”

Weekly Word…5.6.19 Matthew 24:40-42

“Two men will be working together in the fields, and one will be taken, the other left.  Two women will be going about their household tasks; one will be taken, the other left.  So be prepared, for you don’t know what day your Lord is coming.”

Weekly Word… 3.4.19 Matthew 24:15-21

“So when you see the horrible thing (told about by Daniel the prophet) standing in a holy place (note to the reader: You know what is meant!), then those in Judea must flee into the Judean hills.  Those on their porches must not even go inside to pack before they flee.  Those in the fields…

Weekly Word…2.18.19 Matthew 24:9-13

“The you will be tortured and killed and hated all over the world because you are mine, and many of you shall fall back into sin and betray and hate each other.  And many false prophets will appear and lead many astray.  Sin will be rampant everywhere and will cool the love of many.  But…

Weekly Word…2.11.19 Matthew 24:4-8

“Jesus told them, ‘Don’t let anyone fool you.  For many will come claiming to be the Messiah, and will lead many astray.  When you hear of wars beginning, this does not signal my return; these must come, but the end is not yet.  The nations and kingdoms of the earth will rise against each other…